Explore With JT

What's All About?

Explore With Jimmy Theophilus is a travel and tour company that focuses basically on quality tourism and Adventure services to it's Explorers (Organization, Friends, Families) which comes up subsequently in different tourist destinations across Nigeria and Africa at large, exploring, touring, connecting and educating people about the history, culture, and tradition of our dear continent Africa with the aim of selling the art of tourism in Nigeria and Africa to the world.

Our services are designed to appeal to every generation and age bracket, from children to adults, and a mix of both. Whatever you consider tourism, be it visiting historical places, going on Excursion, Adventure, Booth Camping, Boat Cruising, Mountain Hiking, or simply relaxing, Explore With Jimmy Theophilus can help you fulfil that dream.

Key Stakeholder Satisfaction

. To our explorers (or Organization); Effective execution and pleasant memories
. To our explorers/ audience; A fulfilling experience
. To friends & families; Peace of mind and unity

Tour Guiding By Immersion

Fully embodying the goals, aspirations and preferences of explorers and becoming a part to deliver an authentic experience. As tour operator, we're just the Garnish not the main dish. It's not about us but about our explorers and the tour event objective(s)

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